Training Roadmap to Social Selling Success

Building a Business on social media is exciting and rewarding, but it can also be very confusing. There are so many aspects of social media to navigate and learn and unfortunately it can become overwhelming quickly.

Can you relate?

This is exactly the reason we have created the ‘Training Roadmap to Social Selling Success’.

The Roadmap goes through a particular order of Training so you are concentrating on the rights activities at the right time in your social media journey.

The Roadmap covers 7 main topics:

  1.  Personal Development
  2.  Personal Brand
  3.  Planning
  4.  Producing Content
  5.  Prospecting & Recruiting
  6.  Positioning & Building Influence & Automation
  7.  Promotion

Follow the Roadmap in the order of topics and the relevant trainings within those topics to work towards your social selling success.