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One of the best ways to attract your perfect prospects online is by offering a freebie (also known as a lead magnet).

A freebie/lead magnet enables you to provide something of value that is attractive to your potential customers or team members.

There is a process you need to follow though to create an effective freebie/lead magnet.

So let me help you learn the relevant steps to create a valuable tool for your business.

In our Free ‘Attract Prospects with Freebies Bootcamp’ we will be covering:

  • The purpose of a Freebie/Lead Magnet
  • How to pick your topic
  • Choose your type of Freebie/Lead Magnet
  • How to craft your content
  • How to utilize Canva to create your Freebie/Lead Magnet
  • How to promote your Freebie/Lead Magnet
  • How to monetise your Freebie/Lead Magnet



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